Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am not a person of change. We lived in the same house the entire time I was growing up. My parents bought a new home once I left for college- they may have been trying to tell me something. I like stability. I like to have people around me that I can trust and are not going to find a reason to leave when tough times come. This is such a paradox in a Christian's life. We are constantly changing to become more like Christ. We are constantly surrendering to the will of Christ which usually means change. The great aspect of a Christian's life of change is that Christ never changes. In church changes are hard. Most of the time they are me with opposition. But if we are constantly changes into what Christ wants us to be shouldn't the church be open change! I am not talking about abandoning the Gospel or our doctrinal truth but maybe we should be a little more open to change! Are you allowing Christ to change you-day by day? If you are not-maybe that is why change is so hard for you to accept. I was just thinking.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What A Day!

Sunday was a special day at our church. We dedicated the new Sanctuary and Educational building to the glory of God. It was an amazing day! We had several guests and many of our church family that have moved in recent days were able to be here enjoy the day. I am thankful for the love and dedication people have for this church whether they are able to physically attend or not. There are some of our senior adults who can not come now because of health reasons and yet they still support the church with their prayers and resources God has blessed them with. Their commitment is such an encouragement. The people here love each other-we are not perfect by any means-but we are a family.I do not get to see my family in Georgia but about once a year. I could not imagine giving up the chance to be with them if I possibly could. That brings me to a question-Why would anyone not want to be with the family that loves them and has supported them many years?  Maybe the parallel question is, "Why would I leave my family?" The longer I am in local church ministry the more I am intrigued why people leave a church. I know that many times the decision is extremely difficult-I am not questioning that! Is it a question of commitment? It is a personal preference? Many times God gets blamed for it! I am so thankful for my family at First Free Will Baptist Church of North Little Rock. Share your reasons with me. I was just thinking!