Sunday, April 17, 2011

Left Field

Have you every heard the old saying "That came from left field!"? It means that you were not expecting whatever just happened. There are times in life that you can see something coming and other times you get blindsided. The times you don't see something coming are usually the hardest to deal with. I believe that is when we see the depth of our faith and commitment come into action. This may be a little hard to understand but in sports, baseball especially, you practice constantly to teach "muscle memory." You teach a player how to swing or throw so that in crucial situations in a game he/she does not think about what to do, it becomes a natural reaction. Nerves or doubt in their abilities never come into play, they just do what they have been taught.

Applying this to the Christian life is simple. I learn to trust Christ everyday, even with the simple things, so that when I am "blindsided" my "faith muscle memory" takes over and I still trust Christ. His Word and promises are still true no manner the circumstances. The only problem is we never "practice" our faith enough to gain the memory that it needs and when the difficult times come it our life we either begin to doubt or place our trust in something else besides Christ.

So my advice today is to get out and practice your faith! Trust Christ with everyday-especially the good ones- so that when the tough ones come along you are prepared to trust Him as well.