Friday, June 18, 2010

The Summer

I have often wondered what it would be like if God decided to take a vacation one day. Not only would our personal lives be in chaos but the universe would be as well. I know that we all need time away from our jobs and other responsibilities but I wonder with just a little bit of extra planning and a little sacrifice if we could be in our churches on Sunday. I have a passion for the local church. I guess it may be strange to some but I believe it is the local church that makes so many avenues of the Gospel ministry possible. I was won to Christ in a local church, trained in a youth ministry at a local church, went to a college supported by my local church, and have served in a local church for over 25 years. It is the membership of the local church that helps those when they lose love ones, rejoices when children come into families, and pray for the strength and salvation that many need. It will be the local Pastor that visits you in the hospital and you will call him when tragedy strikes someone you know. The local church needs you and YOU need the local church. The benefits of belonging to a good local church far outweigh the sacrifices or work that it asks from it members. If you are looking for a church that will love you and encourage you-we are here. Remember Pastors are not perfect but most of them will due anything they can to help if you ask. Support your local church this summer!