Monday, March 14, 2011

Seeing the Beginning from the End

Have you ever jumped to the end of a book to find out how it ends? You are about half way through the book and you cannot stand not knowing how it ends so you turn and read the last chapter. Have you ever wondered how your life will end? Will Christ return before you die? Will you die from natural causes or because of an accident? Have you ever made a decision and wished you knew the outcome before you made the decision? If I ask her to marry me, how will our life together turn out? If I change jobs or move my family can we make the adjustments needed? We have been studying the omniscience of God (He is all-knowing). It is amazing that God sees all of time simultaneously. He is never "surprised" by anything. He is sees my life not just from the beginning to the end but from the end to the beginning! He knows what I need, when I need it, and how much I need. He sees my enemies and their attempts to separate me from Him. God's omniscience gives great comfort and peace if I trust Him. Remember God is too loving to be unkind, to wise to make mistakes, and too powerful to have His cause defeated. God wants the best for my life! He will provide what is best based on His omniscience. It is easy for us to trust God with the "whats" of our life but will we trust Him with the "whys"? He knows all! He knows what I need and why I need it. Will you trust Him with the "whys"?