Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting Old

I guess that I am getting old and grumpy or maybe it is just the cold weather but I more than a little aggravated. Let me first of all say that I love sports! I grew up playing anything that had a ball involved with it and played some things that didn't. I also love watching sports on TV-especially baseball. I also want to make it clear that our church is focused on outreach to our community and around the world. But I refuse to cancel or alter a regularly scheduled worship service so that people can watch the Super Bowl. I do not mind having a fellowship time after the service if the game is still on but I believe that is as far as the church should go! What kind of statement are we making to the world? What kind of statement are we making about God? I have heard the arguments for ......most are empty. If you can clear my thinking on this please let me know. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God....." Isn't the Christian life about priorities?