Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It makes a difference!

I talk with many people who wonder if their life really matters so I stopped and asked myself the question, "Does my life matter?" I am married to one of the most patient and godly women that I know. We have been married for over 25 years. We enjoy spending time with one another and look forward to the day we can share more time together. I believe that my life matters to her. If not, she probably would not stay married to me. I have three children. All of them know Christ as their Savior and are trying to live for the Lord. We had a great time together when they were growing up and now love spending time together when they are home. I believe, if for nothing other reason that I am helping pay for their college education, that my life matters to them. I Pastor a church and have served here for nearly 20 years. If for no other reason than my tenure, my life matter to the congregation. Then the thought came to me what if I had never married Debbie, never had children and never been called into the ministry, would my life matter? Yes it would! It matters to God! It mattered enough to God to send Jesus to die on a cross for me! Your life matters! Never doubt for one minute the love of the Lord and your worth to Him! I was just thinking!