Monday, January 17, 2011


This month is our Morning worship services we have been focusing on connecting. Connecting with God, with the body of believers, with unbelievers, and with ourselves. The first connection, with God, is the key to all of the other connections. I am constantly amazed at what God does and I am overwhelmed when I think what God could do when we as Christians truly "connect" with Him. We connect with God through His Word, prayer, and worship. I am reminded that if the only day that I worship God, meditate on His Word, and bow before Him in prayer is on Sunday-we are in trouble! Our corporate worship should be a culmination of what has happened all week long in our personal worship. Have you ever been to church and felt like you just did not "connect" with God? Maybe it was not the music, preaching, or fellowship. Maybe it was because there was no "personal worship" during the week! Are you connecting with God? Get into His Word! Pray! Worship! Get connected!