Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shall A Man Rob God?

The last couple of weeks have been like a roller coaster! I enjoyed spending some time with my children and son-in-law, Jacob. I was privileged to attend the National Association of Free Will Baptist and hear Lynsey sing before thousands and her Lord. I am sure her grandfathers, one in attendance and one in Heaven, and grandmothers, one in attendance and one there in spirit, were proud of her. Lynsey is a godly woman who continues to us her talents for her Lord. I was also privileged for the first time to play ball with both of my sons at the National FWB softball tournament. Yes, they are better than their father ever though about. The Arkansas State meeting of FWB was also a blessing. It is always good to meet new friends and see old friends. All of that was the top of the hill and then came the drop to the bottom. In the last three weeks someone has either broken in the church or attempted to break in to steal items. They were successful twice. We are not sure who it is but all of the authorities have been notified. The question that came to my mind immediately was, "Who would have enough guts to break into a church and steal from God?" The thought 0f it brings fear to my heart. But yet I wonder how many Christians do this every week when we do not serve and give the way that we should to God. I hope that the authorities catch those that have stolen from the church, God knows who they are, and they will answer for what they have done but we must remember that we are accountable to God also. "Shall a man rob God? Yes you have robbed Me...." Malachi 3:8