Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Sacrifice

The madness has begun! I watched on TV this morning as thousands of people stood in line to get in a store to buy a gift for someone that they loved. It is amazing the sacrifices that people will make to see the smile on some one's face that they love on Christmas morning. That thought took me in two directions. (1) The sacrifice Christ made to bring glory to His Father and (2) why aren't we willing to make those kind of sacrifices when it comes to our relationship with the Lord? It is amazing people will sacrifice sleep, money, and time to get that special gift but will not do that to draw closer to the Lord. The Lord sacrificed His life to bring us into a right relationship with the Father yet we complain when we are asked to sacrifice anything for Him. What would you do to bring a smile to the Father's face? Would you stand in line to give your tithe at church Sunday? Would you "camp-out" to be the first one in church on Sunday? God gave the greatest gift to you, what have you given to Him?

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been preaching about the growing Christian. It is obvious that a church cannot grow if Christians are not growing. (I am talking about a "true church"). There are several components of growth. First, GOD must be at the center of all that we do! Next we must be READY to grow by planting the Word in our heart and breaking up the "hard ground" of sin and pride in our life. The third step is taking advantage of the OPPORTUNITIES that God places in our life. We must begin to see every person as a person who either needs Christ or encouragement in his walk with Christ. The fourth step is WORK! It takes work to grow as a Christian and to grow a church for God. This involves our time, talent, passion and resources. The last step is the SPIRIT of God. As "good ole' Baptist" we tend to leave the Holy Spirit out of our lives and our churches-this dangerous! I believe that is why we are weak and our churches are "dead". Are you growing as a Christian? God wants us to grow!! I was just thinking!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Defeated Christian?

It has been a while since I have posted for several reasons. It has been a busy Summer and the Fall does not look any slower. In a recent sermon I made the statement "You cannot have victory without surrender." I am sure that I read that somewhere but I am not sure where. In the last 25 years of ministry I have dealt with many "defeated Christians". Many of those deal with the same sin or "issue" throughout their walk with Christ. I have come to the realization that you cannot have victory over something in your life just by confessing that sin. You will have forgiveness but I do not think that is where it should stop. Repentance of sin has to with the "passion" for that sin. We must ask God to remove the desire (passion) for that sin in our life. This is where surrender is involved. This is an act of the will. Have you ever surrendered that "passion" to Christ? Not just the act involved in that sin but the desire for it! Read James 1:14. I was just thinking.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The last several months have been amazing! God has guided several families to our fellowship, we have seen young and old alike accept Christ as their Savior and our Outreach Ministries are changing lives all across the city, state, and world. It is just amazing to work for the Lord and then to see Him bless people far beyond what they imagined or hoped for. It is sad that so many people miss out on what God wants to do for them and through them. I know that you are busy, it is hot, and you are tired at the end of the day but what God has in store for you is worth your time, energy, and effort. Why would you want to miss what God has for you? God is the giver of ALL good gifts! Don't you need something good in your life? GOD IS GOOD...ALL THE TIME! I believe you can find His good gifts at His house! In HIS presence! Don't miss Him!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Summer

I have often wondered what it would be like if God decided to take a vacation one day. Not only would our personal lives be in chaos but the universe would be as well. I know that we all need time away from our jobs and other responsibilities but I wonder with just a little bit of extra planning and a little sacrifice if we could be in our churches on Sunday. I have a passion for the local church. I guess it may be strange to some but I believe it is the local church that makes so many avenues of the Gospel ministry possible. I was won to Christ in a local church, trained in a youth ministry at a local church, went to a college supported by my local church, and have served in a local church for over 25 years. It is the membership of the local church that helps those when they lose love ones, rejoices when children come into families, and pray for the strength and salvation that many need. It will be the local Pastor that visits you in the hospital and you will call him when tragedy strikes someone you know. The local church needs you and YOU need the local church. The benefits of belonging to a good local church far outweigh the sacrifices or work that it asks from it members. If you are looking for a church that will love you and encourage you-we are here. Remember Pastors are not perfect but most of them will due anything they can to help if you ask. Support your local church this summer!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter! It's the most wonderful time of the year! Have you ever noticed how we spend months preparing for Christmas. We celebrate beginning in November (retailers in July) the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love it! But it seems like we cram Easter into one, maybe two, Sundays or weeks. I find that interesting because our faith as Christians hinges on the Resurrection. Last Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday and this Sunday the Resurrection! But I do not want it to stop there, it needs to continue. I believe that the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ demand a response! We hope to share that over the next several weeks. The celebration of the Resurrection and its impact on our lives should not stop Easter Sunday at 12:01. HE IS RISEN- HE IS RIESN INDEED!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is always good to see Spring come! For the Christian this time of the year is a constant reminder of the Resurrection and affords us an "open door" to be a witness for Jesus Christ. I hope as you see each flower bloom and each tree put on its leaves that you are reminded of the new life that is in you! I am thankful that God's mercies are renewed every morning and even though I do not deserve this wonderful life and relationship I have with Christ He blesses me with them. Maybe you need a new start in life or just a new start to the day, God is waiting on you to ask. Remember we serve a Risen Savior! Death could not hold Him and Satan could not defeat Him! Just as sure as Spring comes every year God will faithfully supply our needs according to His riches in glory! This is a great time of the year to start over! Do some "spring cleaning" in your life! Join us this Sunday (march 28th) for a wonderful service of praise on Palm Sunday. I look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Ice!

SNOW AND ICE! It is always an interesting couple of months in Arkansas from December to March. The weather changes quickly-almost by the minute at times. I guess that is the way this life is as well. I have been reminded of that this week especially. There have been several of our families who have their lives change so quickly in a matter of moments. At times like that we often ask "God why did you let this happen?" or "How are we going to make it through this?" These are hard questions for a Pastor to answer. After nearly 25 years of ministry you would think I would have some answer to give these wonderful people who are hurting. Here is the what I have to offer: (1) Only God knows what is ahead of us or our loved ones. He always wants what is best for our lives and we have to trust His hand and His heart. (2) God will always give His children what they need to walk the road that is before them. His presence is guaranteed! His grace is always sufficient! His love never ends. Whatever you may be facing today I want to ensure you that if you are a child of God He knows exactly where you are, how you hurt, and the outcome of the situation you are facing. I will remind you once again, God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!