Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Ice!

SNOW AND ICE! It is always an interesting couple of months in Arkansas from December to March. The weather changes quickly-almost by the minute at times. I guess that is the way this life is as well. I have been reminded of that this week especially. There have been several of our families who have their lives change so quickly in a matter of moments. At times like that we often ask "God why did you let this happen?" or "How are we going to make it through this?" These are hard questions for a Pastor to answer. After nearly 25 years of ministry you would think I would have some answer to give these wonderful people who are hurting. Here is the what I have to offer: (1) Only God knows what is ahead of us or our loved ones. He always wants what is best for our lives and we have to trust His hand and His heart. (2) God will always give His children what they need to walk the road that is before them. His presence is guaranteed! His grace is always sufficient! His love never ends. Whatever you may be facing today I want to ensure you that if you are a child of God He knows exactly where you are, how you hurt, and the outcome of the situation you are facing. I will remind you once again, God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!