Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It is finished....no, it has just begun!

I started a journey about 12 years ago. In 2001 the Lord opened the door for me to step into the role of Pastor of First Free Will Baptist of North Little Rock, AR. I realized after a few years in this role I needed more training and a better understanding of this role the Lord had placed me in. I had a wonderful education in the field of music from Welch College (1986 graduate) but the office of Pastor was completely different. I had served under some great mentors (Larry Clyatt, Randy Corn, Ben Scott, & Jackie Brown) during my years as Music and Youth Pastor in Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas. They had taught me many valuable lessons but I knew in some areas I needed more training. So at the age of 44 I started graduate school.

Pastoring full time, family, and completely rebuilding the church after a fire (2007-2008) slowed the process down some but in August of 2017 I finished my doctoral program. There are several things you realize after this goal is achieved:
1. God must stay at the center of everything you do in life.
2. You do not do this on your own. Family, friends, church, professors, and mentors are a must.
3. You do not know everything! You will/should be a lifetime student.
4. You can learn from anyone, even someone who has a different view from you.
5. Education is not the end it is the beginning.

Thank you to all those who help me reach this goal. I pray that I might use all that I have learned for the glory of God. I want to encourage everyone to become a life-long student of the the Word of God and the service of God.