Thursday, October 20, 2016

Plan Now!

Once again some time has passed since I last posted on this blog. We have been busy as a family. Debbie and I have had several additions to our family. Our second granddaughter was born in April, Meredith Jane has been a blessing to Jacob and Lynsey and big sister Caroline is adjusting well. We spent a wonderful week with our family in Florida late this summer which culminated in the marriage of Andrew and Erika. Matthew is in grad school and working at the hospital. The ministry Debbie serves with opened up more emergency shelter and long-term care homes for children, so she has been busy training staff. I have submitted the first manuscript of my dissertation and will be making revisions soon.

That is all the updates for now! I would like to offer a few words of encouragement to young couples who are trying to live for the Lord, have a godly marriage and raise your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I know it is a battle! But is is worth the fight! Satan will use every weapon he can to stop, discourage you, or distract you. Stay in the Word, Worship and Prayer. If you do not plan to live a godly life, have a godly marriage and raise godly children it will not happen. We plan for everything else in our lives but to live for Christ. Most of us have a day planner on our desk or phones, we plan our vacations, and we plan for retirement but do we spend just as much time and resources planning to live for God. Remember James 4:13-17.