Tuesday, March 10, 2009



God has once again amazed me! He takes the ending of one life and brings life to many! He takes the pressures and struggles that this life places on individuals and families and uses it to draw them closer to Him. What Satan intended for evil God used for good! We often question the hurt and hurdles that comes into our lives without remembering God is in control. He is never "caught off guard" by anything that Satan hurls at us. He does not sleep-He does not slumber. The reason for hurt and heartache in this life is the curse of sin! It is upon us all, even children and godly saints. That curse has been broken by the blood of Jesus Christ. Sin may have its temporary affect on me but it does not have an eternal affect on me. Sin may have a physical affect on me but I do not have to let it have a spiritual affect on me. God wants the best for my life. He is in control. I just need to trust Him. When I do- I will be amazed once again! I was just thinking.