Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Battle

The longer I am in the ministry the more I realize the battle that the church and God's people are in. Satan is constantly on the attack. If he does not think that he can defeat you in your spiritual life he will attack your marriage. If he feels like you marriage is strong he will attack your family or finances. Maybe if all of those things are strongholds with God Satan will come after you in your thought life. The point is-he is coming! In your church the same principle applies. If he cannot attack you spiritually maybe he attacks your finances. If not your finances maybe your numbers, if not your numbers then your doctrine. The point again-he is coming! So....how can we defeat him? We have to be "found in Christ". Satan will then have to battle his way through Christ to get to me. That sounds simple but is hard to do. We want to be connected with Christ-close enough to grab Him when we are in trouble- but we need to be found in Him. This means that every decision is based on my relationship with Christ and nothing else. What I value is based on that relationship! Where I work is based on that relationship! What I wear, listen to, and watch! The list can and should go on and on! Are you in a battle? Are you tired on losing? Are you "found in Christ"? I was just thinking.