Friday, January 17, 2014

The last several years I have started to understand why Solomon asked God for wisdom when he began to lead the children of Israel. Early in my life and ministry I would always ask God for wisdom when it came to the "big" decision. I knew I needed God's direction when in came to marriage, where to go in ministry, my family, even buying a house or car. Those were things that I saw as having "long term impact" on my life and the lives of others. Over the last several years I have started to realize I need that same wisdom everyday of my life. One easy way to define wisdom is, "the ability to live a life pleasing to God." If that definition hold trues, and a Christian's goal is to please God with his life, then I need wisdom everyday! I need God's wisdom in every relationship, every task that I face, and every decision that I make. When you woke up this morning you probably asked God to protect your family, lead someone that you know that is lost to Him, or provision for a need you have in your life. Maybe we would be better off if we just asked God for wisdom. "Lord, how can I live my life to please you today? Please give me wisdom to do just that."

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